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CheBanca is the Italian bank, headquartered in Milan and founded in 2008 as a retail bank Mediobanca Group. 
During the first year of opening reaches 5.3 billion of deposits, about 430,000 clients and 170,000 accounts opened.
The share capital of CheBanca! amounts to € 220,000,000.00.

CheBanca products and services:

- Current accounts;
- Business Deposit Account: deposit account reserved to holders of VAT;
- Securities Account: Account that allows the buying and selling of government securities, bonds, Exchange-traded funds and actions;
- Income Wallet: reloadable prepaid card;
- Deposit accounts with interest in advance;
- Individual Insurance: home insurance, life insurance, accident insurance;
- Mortgages: fixed rate mortgage, variable rate mortgage, variable rate mortgage with a cap, protected mortgage installments, mutual savings;

The branches of CheBanca have the particularity to take a lunch break from 9:30 to 19:00 hours and on Saturday mornings until 13:00.

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Chebanca head office location

Viale Luigi Bodio, 37 - Palazzo 4
20158 Milan (MI)

Registered Office: Aldus Manutius,
7-20124 Milan, Italy


from Italy: 848 44 44 88
from abroad: +39 02 32004141

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